Early Learning and Socialization Through Play

One of the best ways to ensure a child’s early learning development is through exposing them to playtime. Play-based programs in preschool settings also encourage early socialization. It is in children’s nature to play around in their own little ways, … Continue reading

The Importance of Play for Early Childhood Learning

Play is an important part of your children’s preschool program in Lantana, Florida. These activities can be done alone or in groups. They act as supplemental knowledge to children’s academic learning, and are enjoyable at the same time. Lessons like … Continue reading

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Why Should I Read to My Children

Reading with your children is a fun and memorable experience that every parent should do. Aside from being a great bonding activity that you could do with your kids, there are many other reasons for doing so. We at Sunshine … Continue reading

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Helping Your Children with Their Social Skills

Developing social skills and interacting with the people around them will help your children become emotionally stable and successful in the future. These are even more important than their academic achievements. While some kids may naturally be more social than … Continue reading

Promoting Your Child’s Social and Emotional Development

It’s easy to keep track of your child’s physical development as they grow older, but monitoring their social and emotional development is just as important. Your child can be happier, be more motivated to learn, and have a better attitude … Continue reading

Why You Should Enroll Your Children in Swimming Lessons

With spring break only a few days away, you might want to consider enrolling your kids in swimming lessons. There are many benefits that your child could get from learning how to swim and providers of preschool program in Lantana, … Continue reading