The Different Types of Intelligence

Today, there many kinds of theories regarding how a child is able to learn and how intelligence affects that learning. One of the most influential theories about learning is Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence. Gardner proposed that every person … Continue reading

The Benefits of Starting School Early

When kids reach the age of four or five, they are eligible to be enrolled in a program known as a Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program. This is a free pre-kindergarten program that kids in the state of Florida are able … Continue reading

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How Important Is Socialization for Preschool Kids

I want you to look back on your childhood. Do you remember all of the friends you’ve made since you were a small child? An important part of a person’s development is the friends they make and the people they … Continue reading

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Buckle Up: 5 Seat Belt Safety Tips When Traveling with Kids

Whether you’re taking your kids to a daycare center in Lantana, Florida, your relative’s house, or to a nearby park, you probably use your car to get to your destination as fast as possible. When traveling with kids, you must … Continue reading

The Good Things Your Child Can Get From Voluntary Prekindergarten

As a parent, we understand that you only want the best for your child, especially when it comes to their education. For your little ones who are just starting to go to school, early childhood education is essential for enhancing … Continue reading

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