Promoting Your Child’s Social and Emotional Development

Promoting Your Child’s Social and Emotional Development

It’s easy to keep track of your child’s physical development as they grow older, but monitoring their social and emotional development is just as important. Your child can be happier, be more motivated to learn, and have a better attitude toward school when they are both physically and mentally healthy.

As a childcare provider in Lantana, Florida, we value your child’s overall development. We have listed down ways on how you, as parents, can promote their social and emotional development.

  • Recognizing their emotions
    During the toddler years, teach your children to be self-aware and understand their feelings. When they start to cry, responding positively helps them feel safe and secure. During a tantrum, have them talk about their frustrations and teach them to label their feelings, as this can help them understand and manage their emotions.
  • Building relationship skills
    If you want your children to have successful friendships and relationships, it is important that they know how to handle conflicts responsibly. Teach them about people’s differences, avoid comparing them to others, and always admit your mistakes. Your little one can build strong relationships with their peers at our daycare center in Lantana, Florida.
  • Being socially aware
    Let your children learn empathy by listening to them and encouraging them to listen to others as well. Remember, you are your child’s role model, so show them proper ways to interact with different people in the community.

Through our VPK program at Sunshine Park Academy, your child can develop their social and emotional skills alongside their peers under the guidance of our understanding educators.

As parents, we all want our children to be happy, to be safe, and to grow up to be the best person they can be. With our child care and preschool program in Lantana, Florida, we make sure your child gets the attention and education they need to grow and develop their skills.

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