The Benefits of Starting School Early


When kids reach the age of four or five, they are eligible to be enrolled in a program known as a Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program. This is a free pre-kindergarten program that kids in the state of Florida are able to join. This program aims to help prepare the children for kindergarten and later levels of schooling. Many parents may feel uneasy about sending their children away to a daycare center in Lantana, Florida at such a young age, but there are numerous benefits to doing so.

Here are a few benefits to starting your kids’ education early:

  • It Promotes Brain Growth and Development 
    During the age of four and five, children undergo a lot of development. This is the age where they begin to be more independent and have more self-control. By going to school at this age, these traits develop further.
  • Early Years are the Learning Years 
    During this period in children’s lives, forming a structure of learning is important. The different experiences they have during these years will form what they will become in the future. Finding a great childcare provider in Lantana, Florida will help their growth even more.
  • It Prepares Children to Be Ready for School 
    When children engage in schooling early on, it prepares them for the future. Children who participate in early childhood programs develop better language skills and many different others once they enter school.

If you are thinking of sending your kids to a preschool program in Lantana, Florida, then Sunshine Park Academy has got you covered. We provide a variety of programs that cater to your children’s educational needs and more.

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