The Different Types of Intelligence


Today, there many kinds of theories regarding how a child is able to learn and how intelligence affects that learning. One of the most influential theories about learning is Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence. Gardner proposed that every person has a specific thing or intelligence that they are good at. In line with this, we at Sunshine Park Academy present the multiple types of intelligence, which are:

  • Musical-Rhythmic Intelligence
    This area has to do with a learner’s sensitivity to sounds, rhythms, and tones in music. Students that have high intelligence have good pitch. With the help of a daycare center in Lantana, Florida a child can improve this skill further.
  • Visual-Spatial
    This area deals with the learner’s spatial judgment and their ability to visualize things with their mind’s eye. Many students that have this particular intelligence are good navigators.
  • Verbal Linguistic
    Learners that have high-linguistic intelligence are able to display a facility with words and different languages. Children that have this intelligence are great at reading, telling stories, and memorizing words. Enrolling a child at a preschool program in Lantana, Florida can really help them improve their abilities.
  • Logical-Mathematical
    Students with this intelligence display a great aptitude in math and logic. Most people that have high intelligence will show that they are great critical thinkers as well.
  • Bodily/Kinesthetic
    The very core of the bodily/kinesthetic intelligence is the way a person is able to control the motions of their body and their ability to skillfully handle an object. Thus, many people having this intelligence will generally be good at sports, dance, acting, and creating things. A childcare provider in Lantana, Florida can help develop your kid’s ability if they are enrolled early on.

Gardner emphasized that a learner should be limited or restricted to these types of intelligence, as these were meant to empower them and help them grow.

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