The Importance of Play for Early Childhood Learning

The Importance of Play for Early Childhood Learning

Play is an important part of your children’s preschool program in Lantana, Florida. These activities can be done alone or in groups. They act as supplemental knowledge to children’s academic learning, and are enjoyable at the same time. Lessons like knowing the alphabet or numbers can be creatively done in various fun ways through play. Some incorporate lessons with games, action songs, blocks, and puzzles which are just a few examples of play activities.

Have you ever wondered how these can benefit your child’s learning? As a childcare provider in Lantana, Florida, we have provided some of them for you:

  • Play helps children develop different skills at the same time.

    Activities like mimicking actions through action songs and nursery rhymes enable your children to learn new words and their pronunciations. They also help in children’s coordination and develops physical, musical, social, and visual learning as well as memory and cognition.

  • Play enables children to apply previous knowledge.

    Your children are often observative of the world around them. Through these observations, your children can take many information and form ideas. For example, children may observe the work of a teacher from their daycare center in Lantana, Florida. Their knowledge of what a teacher does could then be applied to play by play-acting a school setting with their peers.

  • Play promotes camaraderie and leadership skills.

    A lot of play activities involve problem-solving that involves group effort. Working together with other kids can help your children learn social skills as well as trust in his group mates. Setting plans to achieve activity goals and organizing the group could also boost their leadership skills.

At Sunshine Park Academy, we incorporate play to your children’s learning activities. As a VPK provider in Lantana, Florida, we let your children have fun and explore their potential through our various programs. For more information about our programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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